For all our loyal clients who buy goods in specific value we’re giving special bonus.

If you have five orders through the year, each in value of 250,00 EUR, 500,00 EUR or 1.000,00 EUR, at the end of the year you’ll get a gift from us. The gift contains items of your choice in value of 10%, 15% or 20% of your year order amount group (250,00 EUR/order, 500,00EUR/order, 1.000,00 EUR/order).

Bonus – 5 orders, each from up to 250,00 EUR (max. total order value 1.250,00 EUR/year) max.Bonus of 10% (125,00EUR)
+Bonus – 5 orders, each from 251,00 EUR up to 500,00 EUR (max. total order value 2.500,00 EUR/year) max.+Bonus of 15% (375,00EUR)
++Bonus – 5 orders, each from 501,00 EUR up to 1.000,00 EUR (max. total order value 5.000,00 EUR/year) max.++Bonus of 20% max. (1.000,00 EUR)

*All Bonuses and conditions are with parity Ex Work and exclude transport costs, customs and all other possible additional costs.